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“This Taco goes Hard (shell)! Here’s an Intergalactic Space adventure that feels foreign and familiar simultaneously. Punk Taco walks that same hero path I grew up admiring in my youth. He seems to be someone who’s trying to do the best he can spreading love and keeping away from trouble, but that trouble seems to somehow find him. Don’t start none, won’t be none. He’s a hero that if challenged or threatened, someone might not like the consequences. Reminds me of my all time favorite anime that I watched as a kid about the positive minded, race car driving teenager behind the wheel of the Mach 5! With some incredibly beautiful colors, very unique character designs (french fry mohawk!), and an unpredictably building storyline, Punk Taco is an all ages Sci-fi comedy adventure that has a little something for everyone. There’s definitely some messages for the youngsters, and a few themes that some adults will easily recognize. Is it strange that I actually learned something from a guitar playing Taco?”

So Wizard Podcast

Markellus Ragans

Punk Taco is like the dream you’d have after passing out from a great Mexican feast while bumping 90’s Hip-Hop through your headphones. Its psychedelic weirdness and social activism could only come from the combined minds of a kid and his dad, cracking up at a joke and then turning it into an entire galaxy. From radio station WKRS to the junk food villain’s plan to “Make the Galaxy Great Again,” its hidden gems sparkle bright. Throughout all the juvenile, hyper-colored fun, you can dig the central theme that love, art and being cool to one another make up the infinite power that runs this mothership we all happen to be traveling on, and that greed, selfishness and fear are all headed for self-destruction. Long live Punk Taco and his secret nachos!!!”

Grammy Award-Winning Hop Artist for Best Children’s Album and Author of Weirdo Calhoun and the Odd Men Out

Secret Agent 23 Skidoo

“Truth, justice and the quest for perfect nachos! PUNK TACO is a fun-filled comic book burrito… an important tale of optimism wrapped in candy-colored art.  Creator Adam Wallenta created PUNK TACO with his son, Makana. The result is a rockin’ all-ages book that can be enjoyed by parents and kids alike. All that’s missing is a side of guacamole!”

Writer/Artist of the Hero Business

Bill Walko

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