Autographed PUNK TACO Volume 2 Shipping Now!

//Autographed PUNK TACO Volume 2 Shipping Now!

Autographed PUNK TACO Volume 2 Shipping Now!




Help support PUNK TACO Volume 2 and order your copy today.

PUNK TACO Volume 2 is now available to ship.

PUNK TACO Volume 2 is the same dimensions as Volume 1, except with twice as many pages (120!). Each order comes autographed and personalized upon request.

Punk Taco is a whimsical, sci-fi, action-adventure graphic novel series about a lovable, sentient space-taco and his inter-galactic band of misfits who rock out across the galaxy spreading peace and love through their music and art. It is a story about friendship, compassion, empathy and doing the right thing against impossible odds.

In the second volume of Punk Taco, our hero and his band have been kidnapped and brought to a planet in an unknown part of the universe that is being threatened by a giant so enormous, that our heroes are the size of ants in comparison. Despite their small size and the impossible odds they face together, Punk Taco must inspire new friends and allies to stand tall, join forces, and let their voices be heard, before the giant destroys their planet. Action, adventure, and humor abound in this tale of inner strength, unity, and friendship.

Punk Taco is a graphic novel series that encourages kids to read, laugh and love. Each volume contains a stand-alone story-line, but also an overall arc that continues to develop its characters and the universe in which they reside. Punk Taco is appropriate for libraries, schools, and great for kids to read with their parents and caregivers.



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